The Weekly Wrap

Today on the Dish, Ezra stayed vigilant on Ross on Prop 8, Republicans stayed sociopathic, Britain followed our lead on civil marriage, and you can find a whole slew of Prop 8 legal reax and predictions here, here, here, here and here.

Lessig defended the left from Gibbs, the Gitmo farce continued, and we had more reactions to McWhorter on race and poverty here and here. We mined Bush's Cordoba connections, and feared Krauthammer's conflations of American Muslims with Al Qaeda. This reader lessened our guilt about email attachments, Jamelle Bouie and others begged to differ with Yglesias on the economic crisis for college grads, and Chait waxed poetic on Pete Wehner's unintentional poetry.

The Pope disappointed, prison rape proliferated, and we got a lesson on living in color photography. The Dish delved into a later withdrawal from Afghanistan and one reader's perspective of Iran's Green movement was vindicated.

San Francisco stole McDonald's toys from children, Congressman Gohmert invented "terror babies," and Kinsley almost changed his mind on Packer. VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and the coolest bike accessory you don't own here.

Ayn Rand ruled the playground, James Franco smoked the hot stoner celeb competition, and love conquered all in Iowa.


Thursday on the Dish, a majority of Americans supported gay marriage. Andrew responded to the poll, while readers snickered over the shape of the graph (and this one too). But Glenn Beck jumped on board, Rush Limbaugh honored the sanctity of marriage with his fourth, and Andrew replied to Ross on celibacy, monogamy, and the importance of integration, echoed by this reader's choice of home vs. security.

The base of the GOP was debased, a reader scoffed at the fight over the Mosque and over the confederate flag, and Liz Cheney made Bush look good. Andrew urged Obama to take the Tory line of attack; Damon Root justified the 14th amendment via supply and demand; and one reader contested that Bagram isn't that big. Islam-bashing didn't abate; immigrants were kidnapped; we debated torture, both at home and in Iran; and Dachau was once this idyllic field.

We heard kudos for, learned what keeps poverty at bay, and readers responded to the unemployment chart of the day. The dream of libertarian parking reached San Francisco; Manning's suppressed sexual identity could have driven him to Wikileaks; and Mark Kleiman overhauled the war on drugs, but couldn't change the absurdity of this punishment.

Pedestrian signs never looked so fun; a shirtless Conan stayed mysterious; and the bubble of Bush-era tax cuts were visualized here. Newborn pandas FOTD here, rural VFYW here, dogs wiping their bums MHB here, and creepy ad watch here. Yglesias nominee here and here, Moore award here, and Malkin nominee here.

Email attachments polluted the earth, we pondered puppy mortality,and even monkeys grew tiny beards.


Wednesday on the Dish, Ross embarked on a response to Prop 8 (the Dish's is forthcoming), which Andrew addressed from behind enemy lines. Vaughn Walker may not be gay; the case's video and document evidence went public; Newt lived a double life; and two countries with legalized gay marriage now straddle the U.S.

Andrew looked again at the pain of war, at the evil of the Taliban, and at what it is to suffer alone, while this reader took a different road.

On the Cordoba Mosque, Hitch mustered outrage, Pamela Geller bullied the MTA, and Chris Mohney took the absurdity of it all and ran with it. The recession was kinder to college graduates; Leonhardt's insights reverberated around the web; and Nate Silver suggested a tax on the super rich. We dished on the Gibbs/ Left fiasco, readers defended lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court, and police ducked cameras.

Kristol spawned a spawn of a spawn named Ben Quayle, the worst of the oil spill may be yet to come, and the insanity of immigration reform has just begun. We caught the scariest storm in Helsinki ever here, snacks hidden in beards here, prospects for Hillary in 2012 here, and the delusions of a Palinite blogger here. FOTD here, VFYW here, and a simply stunning MHB here.

Facebook stayed juvenile, black teenagers dominated Twitter, and we apologized to every Jewish kid out there who wants to be Lebron.


Tuesday on the Dish, Fox News' Mr Gutfeld promised Cordoba Mosque a new neighbor-- a gay bar that Andrew named this. Ben Smith gathered the 2012 candidate reactions to the Mosque, Gawker rocked out to the worst Anti-Manhattan Mosque anthem, and Andrew feared for the worst.

A top cadet at West Point resigned over DADT; blowback on Ross' column continued; and Andrew and a reader agreed: names mean something, and sometimes they mean more than politics. Asian-Americans outmarried, a Florida candidate offended, and we debated tax cuts, the budget and accountability here, here, and here. Gates whittled the military down but images of maimed Afghan children reminded us of the moral dilemma we're in. On the ground, Spencer Ackerman doesn't think we're leaving anytime soon.

For your philosophy fix, Andrew sketched the Oakeshott-Strauss divide between modernity and a past that will never return, and reconciled how he can support Reagan in the 1980s and Obama today.

Andrew's Bravo debut ended up on the cutting room floor, but he rejoiced over this kind of reader email. Other readers waxed realistic about weddings, your FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here and contest #10 winner here.

And of course, we dissected the Palin eye-roll. Our readers reamed her, we discovered the not-so drag queen theater teacher only directed Hedwig, and admitted words don't mean anything, anyways. She might be allowed to go fishing, though.

Monday on the Dish, Andrew reached for dignity amidst the divine, in response to Ross on Prop 8. The war over the Cordoba Mosque ignited, with repercussions for the ADL, and hypocrisy from the Wiesenthal Center, while freedom continued to reign quietly at the Pentagon. Beinart missed Bush while Goldblog's open letter urged him to step up, a new study showed mosques deter terrorism and even Thomas Jefferson weighed in from the grave.

Nate Silver joined the pile-on of Paul Ryan, with more sparring from all sides. Angle failed on civil rights, and Fox News finally featured a real conservative on the program, Ted Olson. Cantor got owned on accounting, readers reacted to Ariely's medical labels, and we remembered Nagasaki. The Iraq fiasco continued; the settlements unsettled Andrew; we peered into the government pensions; and the gulf got hit again.

Palin was gone fishing, but one Alaskan teacher wouldn't let her off the hook, neither would readers.Che graphics got the boot, Maggie got the Malkin award, Wikileaks went through the wringer, and Rand Paul worshipped Aqua Buddha with bong hits.

Humans beat computers; the web beat television, and Basil Marceaux beat the internet. The history of tipping here, the rationale of first impressions here, brain-eating discourses here. VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and Nigeria and Cameroon bonded over beer.

-- Z.P.