The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #41


A reader writes:

I'm still embarrassed about last week's contest - I actually stayed at that resort in Mission Bay once, and my casita had a very similar view towards the bridge ... but I didn't remember it and went for Florida instead! This week, I'm also stumped.  The vegetation, the lined-up beach umbrellas, and the lines of the sailboats definitely look Mediterranean, and probably Greek.  So I'm guessing it's one of the Greek islands, but beyond that ...

Another writes:

This is total shot in the dark, as there's so little I can grab hold of here (I've never been anywhere near the Caribbean, which is where I assume this is). The relative lack of palm trees in favour of scrubby vegetation seems to fit the North Shore of Jamaica as well as anywhere else I've looked at, so I've picked an arbitrary spot there on the basis that it might as well be: Salem?


I really have no clue, but it looks wonderful. After a week in which ice storms shut off our power - twice - and spring melts left a small river flowing through our basement, I don’t need to know where it is, just how to get there.


This view takes me back to one of my favorite travel memories: Cruz Bay, St. John, in the US Virgin Islands. Gorgeous beaches, crystal water, abundant wildlife, and an up-close and personal encounter with a Barracuda while snorkeling ...


That picture reminds me uncannily of Taganga, Colombia. Specifically the beach across the bay from the main town.


The view seems to be from the north of town, looking down on the beach at Masachapa, a Pacific coast community west of Managua. It is a fishing village that attracts surfers and weekend visitors from the capitol, and the boats are identical to the ones shown. There is a small hotel adjacent to the beach, with a cafe where the building in the picture sits.


A wild guess, but something about the huts by the water made me think Bali. I haven't been there myself - it just reminded me of the trailer for the Julia Roberts movie. Googling Bali a bit, I found some pictures of blue boats near huts like that. Also, in pictures of Dreamland beach there were rows of white umbrellas.


This is a hard one.

Everything's too far away for any visual clues. But it does seem vaguely Southeast Asian, with the boats and the chairs along the beach, and something about the colour of the water and the foliage and the rocks reminds me of Vietnam. I'm going to say Vung Tau.


I looked at this image and thought, "Cambodia!" - but I have no clue why. I've never been there, don't know anyone who has, and don't recall seeing any photos of it in recent memory. But I plugged "Cambodia beaches" into Google and changed my mind after a couple minutes. I think it's in the region of Cat Ba Island in Vietnam, especially after looking at a hilarious slideshow of the Ocean Beach Resort of Halong Bay, filled with touristy shots and the cheesy music. I'm sure I'm wrong, but my rule for this contest is 10 minutes or I'll waste hours.


I'm not 100% sure, but those blue fishing boats are my best clue. Driving up the coast of Vietnam's equivalent of California's PCH, one of my most vivid memories of my trip to Vietnam was leaving the coastal city of Nha Trang and seeing the most amazing coastline I've ever seen. And all along the coastline were those boats, one of which I happened to drive.


Reminds me of the beach at Batu Fernggi (Foreigner’s Rock) in the state of Penang, Malaysia. There are several high-rise hotels near the beach that would be good for such a perspective, but looking through my photos I can’t find a pier quite like that one.

This week's window was perhaps the most difficult one yet, and no one guessed the correct answer: Sattahip, Thailand. Only one reader even guessed Thailand. But the town he chose, Krabi, was just a little farther away from Sattahip than the following location:

Sihanoukvill, Cambodia, at the point between Hawaiian beach and Independence beach.  I am not certain, but this looks very familiar. I have a story but it isn't very good.  I spent some time on Victory beach in 2005 and got incredibly sun burnt while making this amazing sand trailer home with a local boy/trinket seller:

Vietnam-on the way home 088

Congrats on the tough win. We will get a book out to you shortly. See everyone else Saturday at noon!