The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #40


A reader writes:

Are you kidding? I don't know how anyone could guess this location or deduce it from any observation of items in the photo, unless they know the spot already. I've been trying (and failing) to guess at these contests for months, but this one seems simply impossible.

Another writes:

I recognize that sky - it has to be Florida!  The chairs, the houses, the outgoing tide.  I'm going to guess at Jupiter, FL.  Maybe I'll figure out the exact location if I look around.  I have a feeling it's very close to where I live.


I don't do so well with warmer climes.  The palms, seabirds, and waterfront real estate suggested Florida, but there wasn't much else to go on.  Random guess: Boca Raton?


Damn you! Another 45 minutes spent satellite driving up the East Coast looking for this VFYW. I'm going gut instinct here: the highway pictured is the Overseas highway, rt 1, that goes down the spine of the Florida Keys. And because I really love Key West.


I worked down on the Gulf as part of the spill response in late summer and into the fall. This reminds me greatly of one of the bridges along the Mississippi coastline. I'm going with Ocean Springs, MS, looking west towards Biloxi on the north side of US 90.


I think the VFYW location for this week is Fulong Beach, Fulong Village, Gongliao Township, Taipei County, Taiwan, highlighting the Rainbow Bridge going over the Shuang River.  I think that the picture was taken from east of the bridge, at one of the little resort huts on the other side of the inlet.  I don't have the superskills that some of your other readers have which allows them to get the location down to the Lat/Long, so that's as specific as I can get.


Madison, Wisconsin? The palm trees were the big tipoff for me.

Heh. Another:

This one took less than two minutes.  The Adirondack chairs suggest it's probably in the US.  The palm trees and waterways look like the Florida Intercoastal. Unfortunately, it appears that the land in the distant background is at elevation, not a characteristic associated with Florida or the Gulf Coast.  That leaves the lagunas of southern California.

Specifically, this is the northeasterly view from Hotel Paradise Point in San Diego.  The bridge in the background is Ingraham Street. The water is Mission Bay.

Yep! Another submits this view:

VFYW San Diego

Another writes:

The view is very Mission Bay - the squat Dr. Seuss trees on the right, the terra cotta on the left, and those thick cement bridges. I think this is the Mission Bay drive crossing, the last bridge you go under before going out the channel to the bay, and while my google mapping tells me it should be a view from Paradise Point, I can't find a house that looks right (most of them have low trees in the front yard). So I'm going to guess that it's this guy's house, and that he took the trees down at some point.


Because this photo was taken on a cloudy day, the possibly-snowcapped mountains in the distant background are not visible.


I know this view because we used to rent a condo on Mission Bay near El Carmel Street and the Yacht Club. The photo was taken from a "California Bayside Bungalow" at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. I've attached a photo of one of the rooms showing a similar patio with the white Adirondack chairs, arched overhang and stone facade:



Mission Bay is one of the world's great water parks for boaters, skidoos, paddleboarders and swimmers.


There is a very nice bike and walking path that goes around the bay and you can access it from a lot of places including the stairs shown to the left of the bridge. We have a group that meets every Wednesday for a 14-mile ride around the bay and under that very bridge on that very bike path. We always end at a pub at the beach for a pint or two. We also kayak and do stand up paddling on the bay.

Another sends an e-postcard from the resort (which we can't link to because it reveals his name). It reads:

I haven't been there for 20 years, but I recognized that bridge in an instant, having rowed under it many times during warm-ups for the San Diego Crew Classic.


Maybe my homesickness for my home in southern California made this standout to me. It's been a long cold first winter here in New Hampshire, so my mind drifts often to the warmer climate of my youth. This appears to be in the Mission Bay area, not far from Sea World. The architecture of the bridge and the very familiar cloud formations after a rain were also hints. Can I get a trip home?


I'm not from San Diego but was there once, when Make A Wish sent my daughter and the whole family to the San Diego Zoo nine years ago. Everyone's fine still, and it was a wonderful trip full of behind-the-scenes tours of Zoo and the Wilds. I'm sure there are many clues the San Diego natives will pick up, but for me it was those chairs.   I will never forget those wonderful white chairs with those wide arm rests and that little white table between the two of them.


Another submits the above map. Another writes:

The reason that I so vividly remember this area it because the bridge in the photo was right around the 20-mile mark of my first marathon in 2005. The 20-mile mark is a tough point in any marathon, but for me it was even harder. I ran this marathon only six weeks after completing chemotherapy for lymphoma. I was training throughout my treatment while raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. I finally complete the marathon in just over six hours, but my real finish line was still a month away as I had four weeks of radiation treatments remaining. 


Yay! We finally got one! My girlfriend and I are at work today, and a few minutes ago she started screaming from the office, "Come here, come here!" I ran in and she was staring at the computer, smiling from ear to ear. We started following the VFYW Contest from the get go, and generally our guesses are continents away. But we both grew up around Mission Bay, and she used to kayak around that cove with her family, throwing bread to the ducks. Everyone should be so lucky to spend summers on that bay.

Though the winner will probably be someone who has a picture of the day he proposed to his wife in one of those white wood chairs, we thought that perhaps speed of response and a crudely drawn red arrow might count for something:

Paradise Point

P.S.  I'm reminded to tell you that "Jon and Kate + Eight" stayed there once.

P.P.S  I'm also reminded to tell you that I have a big, bushy beard.


I recognize this view because just over 41 years ago, on January 23, 1970, my wife and I spent our honeymoon night there. I was in law school and she was attending college at the time and we could afford neither the time nor the money that a real honeymoon would have cost. While I was in law school, I also skippered a 45” Marlineer sport fishing boat owned by Ken Golden (of Ken Golden Construction) who at the time also owned this resort. It was called Vacation Village (since renamed Paradise Point), and I knew it pretty well since I had previously played in a rock band that entertained guests on the Bahia Belle, which cruised between Vacation Village, the Bahia Hotel and the Catamaran Hotel. As a wedding gift from Ken Golden, my wife and I received not one but two nights in one of his luxury suites in what could have been this exact spot.


This is my first entry into the VFYW contest, and what a happy one it is! I have ParadisePointVFYW attached a map with my best guess as to exactly which suite it is. I grew up in San Diego and have had countless family birthday parties, barbecues, and holiday celebrations in the grassy public use area to the south of the resort on Vacation Isle. I recognized the view because I spent a day on the bay this past summer when my uncle took me out to teach me how to fish. He's an out-and-proud East County San Diego Tea Partier, and I'm an Obama-loving Anthropology grad student. We bonded over the ideal of self sufficiency that day; and now, in theory at least, I can feed myself.


Google had a link to this Flickr photo, along with the several other photos of the account holders vacation photos.  And since one of those photos showed their cottage number to be 454, that's my guess.


I have Google Earth on my laptop, and now that I look there, here's a photo of the awnings on the bungalows facing the water, specifically unit 457. In the background, at the next bungalow, you can see what appears to be the two chairs in the photo you posted.

We had scores of readers who correctly guessed the Mission Bay resort, but only one nailed the exact cottage:

The VFYW is from room 451 at the Paradise Point Resort and Spa on Paradise Cove on Mission Bay in San Diego. The view faces ENE and shows the northern bridge of the two Ingraham Street bridges.

I'm a reader since the days of your blog's blue background, so it was a thrill to recognize this location, but I usually see the bridge from the east while on Fiesta Island taking my golden retriever Buddy to the dog beach. Anyway, my partner and I went to the bay this morning to find the right spot:

Photo 2