The View From Rush Limbaugh's Recession, Ctd

A reader writes:

I have to say that I know of two people right now who are on Social Security disability and could work.  Both are overweight men in their mid to late 50s who have lived unhealthy lives that resulted in heart conditions. Both found doctors willing to sign off on their SS disability applications several times because they initially got rejected.  Both are only high school educated and would have trouble finding a job in eastern NC.  One has a wife worth millions.  He collects his $2500/month check and then must decide if he is going to fish or go hunting each day.  He and his wife just purchased property worth $250K.  The other one would have to work a job making less than what he made before and that's just not acceptable.

So while your reader's story seems legitimate, I can guarantee you there at least two stories that are not.  Disability is a safety net for people like your reader, not the two men I know.