Mark Steyn is as profound as ever:

I don’t mind the union bruisers, Marxist social engineers and lockstep zombies of the Democrat identity-group plantations voting for Obama: They knew what they wanted, and they got it. But I find it harder to understand the preening metrosexual nincompoop ObamaCons besotted with fantasies about his “temperament” (mentioning no names). His “temperament” would seem to be one of his more obvious failings.

Really? As usual in a Steyn piece, there is no actual evidence to back up his series of one-liners masquerading as something more than sophomoric Goldbergism. For me, temperament means not running around like chicken littles with their heads cut off as soon as a revolt in Libya is losing to Qaddafi (see Kristol, Wieseltier, Wolfowitz, et al.). As a proud Obamacon, I backed him for positive and negative reasons.

On temperament, who could possibly argue that Obama is less level-headed than the crackpot McCain, who picked Palin has his Number 2 after 40 hours of Googling for p.c. reasons, would have started two more wars by now, if he'd had his druthers (in Libya and Georgia, the latter just for anti-Russian kicks), claimed to know little about economics in a historic crisis.

Yes, the crack about it being easier running China was enough to provoke Steyn into a "liberal fascism" tirade. He forgets the moment when Bush said exactly the same thing, something that must have occurred to every president occasionally stalled and frustrated by our constitutional restraints (except, of course, when Bush did actually act like a dictator, unilaterally re-writing laws into gibberish, claiming total power in a war without end, torturing prisoners, and when Reagan simply circumvented the law in Iran-Contra). Still my favorite part of the post is the following comment to it, an almost textbook example of the Church Of The Right, that now passes for a political party:

I see that liberal trolls are already making allusions to President Bush's joking remark about dictatorships from ten years ago.

That was totally different. President Bush was a good and decent man who, whatever his faults, loved our Constitution, our country, and our troops. Obama, by contrast, is the focus of evil in the modern world. He openly despises the Constitution, openly loathes America, and actively tries to hurt our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines at every opportunity.

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