A blogger reports:

The Syrian people today revolted for the first time in decades and protests sprung through out the country in different areas especially from the South according to the news and tweeps coming from there. Protests expectedly started after the Friday prayers in the country and honestly knowing the fist of the regime there, I am surprised by the public reaction and also participation. It is more than great considering the amount of fear in the country.

There were protests in Damascus , Aleppo , Daraa , Baniyas , Homs, and Deir El Zor. If you look at the map, you will know that we are looking at something we have not seen before. These governorates are covering Syria with its distinguished diversified ethnic and sectarian background. Today there was no Arab or Kurd , Sunni or Shiite or Christian, today it was a real Syrian day for Syria.

Of course you can imagine the panic of the regime there, the live ammunition was used directly.

(Hat tip: Mackey.)

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