The backlash against the Washington establishment's dissing of Palin is red-hot on the right wing blogs. Two typical rants. From Free Republic:

As far as coward Charles Krauthammer goes….The day I take advice on conservatism from a guy who worked for Mondale and Carter is the day I put a loaded .357 in my mouth and pull the f****** trigger! That clear enough or should I use more big words to be on the same “intellectual stage” as the media elites?

From Legal Insurrection:

What's next, Mr. Labash, should we double-check to see if Palin had breast enlargement surgery? That will get you quoted in Gawker, too. Hey, how about some Palin "hand job" jokes at the next Weekly Standard lunch meeting, that should get a round of laughs. Oh, but pointing that out must make me an Al Sharpton, Rhode Island (and Ithaca) Edition, right?

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