The NYT And The Blogosphere, Ctd

Felix Salmon scratches his head:

By my back-of-the-envelope math, the paywall won’t even cover its own development costs for a good two years, and beyond that will never generate enough money to really make a difference to NYTCo revenues.

Maybe that might change if the NYT breaks its promise to offer full website access for free to all print subscribers. But that decision would be fraught in all manner of other ways. For the time being, though, I just can’t see how this move makes any kind of financial sense for the NYT. The upside is limited; the downside is that it ceases to be the paper of record for the world. Who would take that bet?

My more parochial take here. One of Salmon's readers:

I am a very heavy NYT online user, and NOT a print subscriber. I will not pay $15 a month. just one data point.

I'm sure you will want to chip in your two cents as well. The in-tray awaits.