The Marxist Becomes A Country Club Republican

Rush Limbaugh's latest:

There's not a person in the world that's got the guts to tell the truth about Obama, from the media to our side, for whatever reason, either the first black president or we think we're gonna get creamed by being critical.  So there isn't any real examination of who Obama is as a guy.  Well, there is for me.  

You know, this notion he's some warm, nice guy we just happen to disagree with.  Wrong.  This is a cold man.  This is not even cool.  This guy is cold.  He's arrogant.  He's uber-calculating.  He's the kind of person most people don't like when they meet him.  Rove described him.  He's the guy at the country club at the cocktail party standing in the corner with the good-looking girl, the drink, and the cigarette, passing judgment on everybody going by, not deigning to talk to 'em.  Good family man, they say.

I think Limbaugh is more accurate in this crude caricature than his usual crypto-Muslim-Kenyan-anti-colonialist-bent-on-harming-America schtick. But these depictions are contradictory, are they not? Just like the contradiction between Obama as a feckless by-stander and Obama as a ruthless socialist. The truth is, I think, that Obama is more like a cultural WASP in the GHW Bush and Eisenhower mold than anything remotely radical. Just less contemptuous of the Republican far right than either previous Republican president.