The Libya War: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb


Yesterday the Dish was airing all points of view, including my own, that this is the worst decision yet made by Barack Obama as president. A defense of the Samantha Power position (and its role in the Obama candidacy and presidency) here; why Sarkozy needed a war for domestic politics here; conservative mystification here; a note on the strange absence in the debate of Joe Biden; my thoughts on the president's reckless breaking of a core campaign promise here; Colin Powell's skepticism here; the strange coincidence of the date of the launch of this new war - March 19 - with that of the last president's decision to attack a Muslim country here; my worry about the influence of the Clintons here; a defense of the new multilateralism in this war here; the unpredictable impact of this in the Arab 1848 here; and an airing of the now-glaring double standard with respect to Iran, Yemen and Bahrain here.

(Photo: Franck Prevel/AFP/Getty.)