The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew challenged Niall Ferguson on whether McCain or intervention could help America's cause or the well-being of people in the Middle East. We tracked Tehran's heavy clashes and escalated repression, and Joel Wing traced Iraq's protests back to the Day of Rage. Richard Florida assembled the index of political unrest, Qaddafi was the sort of dictator to hang students in a university's main square, and according to the military, a no-fly zone would be a military operation. Egypt and Tunisia could learn from Asian revolutions and the small window of democratic opportunity that followed, Facebook mattered, and Egypt's military crafted their media campaigns.

Andrew demolished Huckabee's insane birther gaffe, Palin was still making Andrew nervous, and the Palestinian Prime Minister was following her Facebook model. Julian Assange pulled a Helen Thomas, and John Galliano pulled a Mel Gibson. Andrew still had problems with teachers' concessions as part of a larger union problem, even as they were winning the debate. Mickey commended MoveOn as the new union model, Wilkinson debated Ezra Klein on whether big labor is green, others argued public sector unions may be headed for the door, while Drum sounded the alarm for the GOP. Serwer called out Newt the culture warrior, Seth Masket argued you can't run government like a business, evangelicals wanted to cut spending for the poor, and the rich vote like rich people. Economists could be the new climatologists, and Noah Millman pondered American aversion to inflation.

Musical chairs continued at the NYT, Alexis unmasked Twitter's MayorEmanuel, and the publisher could die at the hands of a 26-year-old self-publishing author. CEOs with daughters paid female employees more, child brides had lower literacy rates, and Carol Joynt confessed how breast cancer is a swim in quicksand. Dish readers loved cock and boner too much to go along with the new rules, while Beast readers bemoaned Andrew's loyalty to the Pope. Bush gave the original King's Speech, people should write like they talk, and beards were mysterious and practical.

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