The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, explosions rocked Tripoli on the 17th day of protests in Libya, Benghazi fell into a suspended state, and a Muslim dating site offered sanctuary for revolutionaries aiming to topple Qaddafi. Mark Thompson reminded us of No-Fly Zones from the past, the National Review opposed military intervention, and non-violence works.  Petraeus finally apologized for the murder of Afghan children, and Andrew consulted the Church's history on Jews and killing Jesus.

Andrew quibbled with Douthat on the Tea Party's fiscal conservatism, Joe Klein dismissed Huckabee for his old timey racism, and Ohio balanced the budget by banning same sex marriage. John Payne tracked the history of American conservatism, and the Onion nailed its youthful vigor. Readers came back hard against Andrew's teacher accountablity post, and small class size doesn't correlate with high achievement. Andrew still wasn't a fan of journalists publishing other journalists' emails to sources, but Ryan Lizza was. American confidence fed itself off of cheap gasoline, corporate tax revenues hit a new low, and intellectuals loved to bash intellectuals. Readers remembered European Imperialism, the third world wasn't prepared for treating cancer, and Gates called out Rummy's foreign policy. ClimateGate could never be undone, and the Obama-Palin poll gap was too close for comfort for Andrew.

Andrew eulogized the late Reverend Gomes, and celebrated gay milestones (and beagle owners) across the world. Technology can't replace face time (but it could troll your Facebook page), cities whooped the suburbs, and medieval scholars remembered more. Nick Carr tried to wrap his head around measuring information, and peak iPad may have already arrived. Charlie Sheen made for great New yorker cartoons and became almost indistinguishable from Qaddafi and Glenn Beck. Galliano succumbed to a vision of human beauty not dissimilar to Nazi eugenics, but Andrew was still glad he lived with America's distorted version of free speech rather than France's. Knut the cute polar bear evolved into a publicity addicted psycho, and Andrew loved his body traps.

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