The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump wanted big American balls, Palin's excesses helped her, while most politicians distance themselves from the crazies. Ramesh Ponnuru predicted a Palin-Romney smackdown, Ailes ruled the primary, and Andrew scoffed at Huckabee on imperialism. Indonesia boasted more Boy Scouts than the US, some world leaders exit gracefully, and Andrew and Lizza went another round on journalists publishing other journalists' emails. Andrew Romano weighed a Christie candidacy, high gas prices might not hurt Obama, and Newt kept flirting with America.

The blogosphere parsed the economics of state pensions, Bernstein debated the political identity of union members, and polls confirmed Walker's over-reach. Republicans believed climate change but not global warming, tea partiers wanted to solve the debt without losing their entitlements, and Noah Millman fingered bad principals. Andrew ruminated on lessons learned from Charlie Sheen's drug escapades, Tyler Cowen heralded the golden age of non-fiction, and recovery remained slow. Internet porn didn't kill marriage,  cancer rates don't change for whales, recent graduates don't always get counted as unemployed, and Americans fetishized "Made in America."

Baghdad abused prisoners, Mubarak's thugs may have scapegoated Al-Qaeda, and Simon Henderson didn't see protests spreading to Saudi Arabia. The right debated Israel's reaction to revolutions across the Middle East, no countries wanted Qaddafi, and Serbia offered a better example on no-fly zones than Iraq. Quotes for the day here and here, VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, chart of the day here, and a poem for Thursday here.