Today on the Dish, Andrew rebutted a reader on military intervention in Libya, while others assessed what's in it for the U.S. Qaddafi attempted to starve rebel strongholds, threatened the Guardian's Peter Beaumont with death, and ramped up attacks. Roger Cohen viewed American intervention with pessimism, a Muslim cleric argued extremism was a reaction to the violence of the state, and Anderson Cooper was on Qaddafi's trail of his lies. Issandr El Amrani laid out press lessons from Tunisia and Egypt, Egyptians stormed the secret police HQ with cell-phone cameras, and Peter Beinart called out homeland security for singling out Muslim Americans for terror. Obama reversed his Guantanamo decision, John Yoo took advantage, and Bradley Manning's torture depressed Alex Knapp.

Andrew reveled in 18 minutes of pure Palin and made her enemy list, while the rest of the blogosphere placed their 2012 bets. Josh Green went with darkhorse Santorum, Romney puzzled everyone, Frum had second thoughts on Pawlenty, and Mitch Daniels resembled the President's barber. Drezner downplayed the Tea Party's foreign policy, and a journalist duked it out with a cabinet member on rural interests. Andrew urged Obama to bring back the Reagan era tax rates to make heads explode and Limbaugh's staff laughed at him. Brigham Young outlawed beards for Mormons, mostly because of the hippies and Matt Zwolinski contemplated legal prostitution. Andrew defended the libertarian plan for healthcare reform, and a Republican state senator came out in favor of civil unions. Andrew gave some ground on marital monogamy and those who wait, Andrew Stuttaford cheered Christians for not reading the bible, and a pastor outed Dan Savage as a reality-based conservative. Arcades didn't last even with Canada's loonie, poison squads used to keep America's food safe, and we examined urinal cakes and the economy. Bieber calculated his YouTube persona, no one can mention love at a congressional hearing, and NPR is run by liberals.

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