Today on the Dish, Saudi Arabia invaded Bahrain, and Andrew raised red flags looking back to Kuwait, and ahead to the world's oil supply. In Libya, Hitchens itched for intervention, Peter Feaver took issue with Obama's laissez-faire policy, and neocons ignored how the other two wars in the Middle East went. Marc Lynch warned Arab leaders don't want real American military intervention, a reader proposed an Arab League-funded no-fly zone, squatters took over Qaddafi's UK mansion, and Babak Dehghanpisheh wondered whether Libyan rebels can hold their ground. NHK live-streamed updates in Japan, Godzilla lived in Japan's memory of Hiroshima, Sharon Begley warned of radioactive pools, and Clive Crook voiced fears of the spent fuel factor. Seattle prepared for a quake of their own, Evan Osnos kept an eye on China's nuclear plants, the tsunami hit the global economy, and Tyler Cowen encouraged you to donate to Japan. The Japanese didn't loot, we relived the mountain of water hitting, and your reassuring quote of the day is here.

Andrew examined tax breaks and how they affect the debt crisis, and countered Mark Levin as he chronicled the war over Palin on the right. Huckabee rode the wave, Palin flailed for attention on energy policy, and Yglesias fumed at Evan Bayh's new Fox gig. Romney's healthcare vote troubled voters more than his Mormonism, Bachmann urged a Tea Party revolt, a reader refuted Limbaugh with his own disability story, and a slew of anti-evolution bills crushed the social issues truce. Avent explained why NIMBYism is bad for the environment, California was two-faced, and the DEA went after Montana's medical marijuana. News travelled via new media, a sane conservative blog comforted Andrew, and Rummy regretted FOIA. Catherine Rampell described the unhappiest person in America, Alexis glimpsed a DIY appendix removal, and a reader hatched the ultimate rich girl's American Idol. Tom Waits appreciated mishearing, Joel Johnson confessed his tech guilt, we watched Pokemon backwards, and Beard Madness began.

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