The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew urged the right to give precedence its Oakeshottian tendencies, and backed up Michael Cohen on Afghanistan's bunk PR cycle, and Haley Barbour deviated from the party line. Al Qaeda tried to woo Libya, Max Boot and the rest of the armchair generals got a chubby for war, and Douthat compared US intervention to adopting Libya as a child. Graphic and shocking videos arrived from Bahrain, and Syria heated up.

Conor considered the victims as global neighbors, readers reflected on architecture after the earthquake, the Wikileaks trove held info on Japan's nuclear plants that weren't earthquake-safe, we examined the economics of nuclear power, and Gregg Easterbrook feared an anti-nuclear backlash. Readers explained why the Japanese don't loot, Eamonn Fingleton worried about economic reverberations, and the cold could kill more than the quake. GiveWell advised on the best ways to aid Japan, and Andrew saluted the Japanese workers trying to save the day.

Andrew kept his guard up on Palin's enthusiastic base, Bernstein trailed the GOP death spiral, and Limbaugh led the Tea Party delusion train. Some people abused disability pay, readers called their bluff, Kathy Ruffing explored the limits of means-testing social security, and Ezra Klein kept on Evan Bayh's ass for his performance art on Fox. Victims fought back against their bullies, Balko wanted to shield forensics from bias, and Reihan learned long division from his sister. Avent and Meghan battled over NYC's density, an architect enlightened us on Portland's earthquake prep,  divorce could literally kill you, celebrities tweeted their suicide attempts, and Gilbert Gottfried made tasteless jokes.

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