Today on the Dish, Andrew magnified Frum's examination of why Obama didn't ask Congress for approval, and examined his own scars from Iraq and the last ten years. Obama promised a hand-off soon(ish), and Andrew praised Egypt's huge steps towards democracy. Bill Kristol loved war, Obama supported most US military interventions, Romney didn't like nuance, and Douthat didn't defend Bush. Larison feared we were encouraging weak rebellions, Tom Ricks demolished the idea of an exit strategy, and Freddie DeBoer skewered the colossal arrogance of any interventionist logic. A reader tracked Joe Biden's role in the resolution, and Dylan Matthews policed Leon Wieseltier's fight with Ezra Klein. A reader offered 1831 as a better example than Arab 1848, and Andrew wished for Secretary of State John Quincy Adams' response. Libya adventure has already cost more than the discretionary spending cuts desired by the GOP, Reihan considered the astronomical costs, and rebels ate Snickers.

Palin skipped the West Bank possibly because she forgot it isn't part of Israel, broke the rules and offended the Republican Jewish Coalition, and a reader berated her for sporting a Star of David. We sized up Pawlenty's presidential bid, Johann Hari interviewed Gideon Levy, and Charlie Chaplin narrated events in the Middle East. The Economist tallied Japan's earthquake damage as the costliest ever recorded, Richard Posner considered the politics of unlikely disasters, and since no one has gotten a lethal dose of radiation from this nuclear meltdown George Monbiot now supports nuclear energy. Readers skirted the NYT paywall and offered other fundraising alternatives, Timothy B Lee wanted to support real reporting elsewhere, and Andrew posed questions behind a paywall. The Argentine military stole babies in the 1970s, Andrew was grateful for modern medicine, and the week's news was too much for some. Politicians lagged behind public opinion in Indiana on gay marriage, Meghan bought a house to live in, and healthcare opinions haven't changed. Katie Roiphe wrote recommendations for 18-month olds and real talent requires grit.

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