The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew urged Obama to avoid leadership and to let Sarko own it, while questioning the very nature of the uprising in Libya. Andrew chastised those who would support this war as if Iraq never happened, reacted to the Obama Undoctrine of pragmatism, and Ezra Klein went after Wieseltier. Qaddafi supporters scared us more than Fox News, Stephen Budiansky understood the military's limits in tactical regime changes, and Andrew called bullshit on "logistical contributions" from Kuwait and Jordan. Readers differentiated between Libya and the Greek War for Independence, and the Arab League's bets could backfire. Adam Rawnsley decoded "Operation Odyssey Dawn," Qaddafi exposed himself, and Syrian crackdowns escalated. Matt Steinglass characterized the vague goals of "winning" as being intentional on the administration's part, and a dispatch from Misurata praised the positive effect of the strikes. The kidnapped NYT reporters recounted their harrowing tale, while the NYT still refused to call what we do at Guantanamo torture. The Tea Party turned nationalist for the Libyan war, Gingrich flip-flopped, and Matt Larimer questioned how the GOP morphed into the party of perpetual war.

Palin skirted the shores of Jews For Jesus, illegally fished for life, and Andrew guffawed at Janet Malcolm's review of Sarah Palin's Alaska. Huckabee challenged Pawlenty on being the most anti-gay candidate there is, and conservatives cooed over non-procreative marriages of old people as long as they weren't gay. GDP output exploded, tax fundamentalism ruled the GOP, and a town paid rent on an empty Borders store. A Mexican police chief tortured to curtail the corruption, and new nuclear reactors are built smaller.  Bloggers debated final chapters, HuffPo landed Balko, and a reader explained that the BBC isn't free. Lewis Black cautioned everyone over smallpox, the gallows humor kept rolling in, and Christians pole-danced for Jesus. People envy their neighbors more than millionaires, policies change when rich opinions do, and Scott Adams taught us how to fall asleep. Readers called us on our frog necrophilia, and Andrew marveled at a new model for Ken the ideal boyfriend, Kurtis Taylor, a mountain of mocha muscle.

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