The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew parsed Obama's speech on Libya and his undeniable belief in American exceptionalism, and we rounded up the rest of the reax. Andrew requested a budget for Libya, debated war without vital national interests at stake, and likened Obama to Angelina with an air force. Per Freddie's request, Andrew expressed relief at the massacre averted by the war, Goldblog questioned the vacuum being created, and Exum explored what winning in Libya would mean. Steve Negus decoded America's abstract mission in Libya, and Peter Feaver outlined advice for Obama. A statue fell in Dara'a, a woman protested her own rape by Qaddafi's forces, and we checked in on Benghazi. Some bristled at NATO's involvement, the pro-Qaddafi rhetoric fizzled, and John Lee Anderson still couldn't figure out who exactly leads the rebels. Demonstrations stirred in Iraq, Jackson Diehl shilled for Israel, and Greg Scoblete examined two bad options following Somalia's model.

More disturbing footage poured in from Japan, a kid from Wasilla pled guilty, and religion created political order in the world. A homosexual was stoned in Pennsylvania, while gay marriage in Holland celebrated ten years and a fraction of the divorce rate as their straight counterparts. Gingrich's favorables plummeted, Mark Blumenthal tracked the GOP's House, Nate Silver believed Romney could win, and Bachmann eyed Iowa. A Mormon seconded Andrew's review of "The Book Of Mormon," Andrew gaped at looniness on the right and Trump birthed it up with a false birth certificate of his own.

The Boomers kept trucking, goodwill wages don't last long, and the law school bubble burst. The slush pile sells well, royal weddings hurt tourism, and Roger Ebert peddled fares on Amazon. America had to get bigger buses, viruses represent a fourth domain of life, and the New York Times ignored DC's female bloggers (again). American teenagers were invented after war, information had a new lease on life, and the wall went up. Angry Birds went Hollywood, the future web on tablets beckoned, and a reader nominated TNC to replace Bob Herbert. Malkin award here, Yglesias award here, dissents of the day here, bucketload of creepy here, quotes for the day here, beard of the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, and FOTD here.