The Brain Dead Right

Paul Krugman and Kevin Drum have admitted they don't read many right-leaning voices any more. James Joyner, who considers himself a conservative blogger, is in the same spot:

I prefer rational, facts-based analysis and find more of it across the aisle than on my own side. Partly, it’s a function of the fact that academics and policy wonks with strong academic backgrounds are more likely to produce the kind of writing I find interesting and those groups tilt to the leeward side.

But I’m not the only conservative who has noticed that even mainstream journals on the right have gone crazy. And the David Frums, Bruce Bartletts, and Daniel Larisons have largely been written off as RINOs angling for invites to liberal cocktail parties. Are the rational conservatives simply being outshouted? Out-promoted? Or are there just too few to matter anymore?

The right is paying a high cost for its unholy marriage to Limbaugh-style rhetoric. It just hasn't fully realized it yet.