The Arab "Partners"

Ah, yes. The Arab League was, according to Clinton, a "game-changer". So which members are shouldering the military and political burden of this new war? Heather Horn has a first stab here. Egypt wants its alleged military aid kept secret. But why? It couldn't be that they want the US to take the blame for attacking another Muslim country, could it? Jordan won't help militarily. Tunisia is a no-no. Syria and Algeria? Nope. Lebanon: yes, but only because of the following:

The Lebanese still want to know what happened to Imam Musa al-Sadr, "a hugely influential Shia cleric who disappeared [in Libya] in 1978. Last month a former colonel in Gaddafi's army said Libyan agents had assassinated Sadr and buried him in the southern city of Sabha." Yet at the same time, "a Libyan opposition activist ... claimed Sadr was still alive," while Sadr's son believes he is "being held captive."

Well that's a good reason for a third US war. The Saudis? Too busy murdering people on the streets of Bahrain to stop another tyrant from doing the same thing. The Yemenis? Ditto. Iraq? C'mon.