A reader writes:

The Arab League has requested that the UN approve a No Fly Zone over Libya. If Arab Nations are in favor of imposing a No Fly Zone, why don’t they impose it themselves?

Their bases are well within range of Libyan airspace, and they are well-equipped with modern American and European aircraft. Saudi Arabia has over 150 F-15 fighters, and Egypt has 240 F-16 fighters. Both have additional hundreds of Panavia Tornadoes, Dassault Mirages, MiGs, and miscellaneous other fighter and strike aircraft, as well as dozens of Apache attack helicopters and other support aircraft. Especially considering that many of these weapons were acquired with US grants and loan guarantees, why shouldn’t these Arab countries take the lead?

A good question. They also have the oil money to finance their no-fly zone, as opposed to a bankrupt hegemon already imbroiled in two unwinnable wars.

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