A "homeschooling mom of a Boy Scout" writes:

A quick Google (Barack Obama boy scout) suggests that Obama may have grown up 140px-World_Scout_Emblem_1955.svg going to Boy Scout meetings, contrary to Huckabee's suggestion.  I don't have time to research further - that's your job - but the initial evidence is here and here.

It goes without saying that Scouting, like Rotary, is an international movement.  The purple badge on every scout's uniform, the "World Crest", is a reminder of this.  It is worn on the left, over the scout's heart. From Scouting.org: "It is still worn by 28 million Scouts in 216 countries and territories and is one of the world's best-known symbols."

On that note, Snopes knocked down an email rumor that Obama "refuses to sign Eagle Scout certificates." And of course there was the Jamboree uproar. Another reader:

Huckabee might be interested to know that Indonesia boasts over 17 million registered scouts, according to the world scouting movement [pdf], compared to the roughly 7.5 million in the US. Even Kenya has nearly half a million.

Of course, this is to take Huckabee literally. What he clearly meant to say is that someone called Barack Obama is not a real American. He's Palin without the figure.

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