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Dish readers know everything:

Hamengkubuwono IX, the Sultan of Yogyakarta, was a major figure in the Indonesian independence movement and a major supporter of the Boy Scouts. (There are scouts on the banknote designed in his honor.) So maybe Obama was a scout in Indonesia and that's where he got his anti-imperialist ideas from.

Another writes:

My son is a Cub Scout. He and my husband recently went on a camping trip to a nearby desert. Guess what? There was an entire pack (Cub Scout lingo for troop) of Muslim boys who recited, along with everybody else, the Pledge of Allegiance and the Cub Scout promise, which goes as follows:

I promise to do my best/To do my duty to God/And my country/To help other people, and/To obey the law of the Pack.

Doesn't sound like a bunch of Madrassa maniacs to me.

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