Mondoweiss translates the testimony of Aly Sobhy, a well-known Egyptian actor who was tortured in early March:

It was like piles of meat thrown on the ground and the soldiers of Egypt’s armed forces on top of them, raining down on them all kinds of beating and torture: electrocution, sticks, wooden staffs, electric cables, their boots, they themselves. I was tossed among them and I became like them and every once in a while someone's thrown on top of me so I end up getting a bit less beaten, but of course they're much smarter than that. After a bit they got this great idea, because we were refusing to die . . . so they thought, instead, they would kill the thing in us that, if it were to die, we would die.

All the soldiers together (military style): Raise your head high, boy, you’re Egyptian!

Us, the people, all of us: Wow, they laid off and finally got it, thank you God!

And as we raised our heads up because we’re Egyptian, they kicked us in the head with their boots.

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