Quote For The Day

"Rumsfeld's memoir is one big clean-up job, a brazen effort to shift blame to others - including President Bush - distort history, ignore the record or simply avoid discussing matters that cannot be airbrushed away. It is a travesty, and I think the rewrite job won't wash," - Bob Woodward, guest-blogging for Tom Ricks.

It's a must-read because it reveals not only lies of omission, but downright, well, lies. He'll deny something to your face insistently until he's proven wrong, and then he'll concede.

I remember once challenging him on why the Pentagon was firing so many Arab translators at a time when intelligence was vital - just because they were gay. He denied any Arabic translators, gay or straight, had been fired at all. This was just not true. At the end of our spirited but good-natured interaction, he said he'd look into it. I wonder if he ever did.