Question For The Day

A reader asks:

Would you have given such a nonchalant response if somebody went undercover and caught Roger Ailes or other Fox News executives denouncing liberals the way NPR execs did?  Why doesn't this obvious case of institutional bias at NPR inflame you like those you cite at Fox?

Because there is a difference between bias and propaganda. I don't doubt for a milisecond - and never have - that NPR and the NYT have often profound biases to the liberal side of the equation. I've long argued that they should admit it and move on. But I don't get the sense from watching PBS or listening to NPR that they take it as their guiding mission to push for a particular political party or rig the news to inflame a political party's base. I think they still try to aim for fairness and the truth. I truly don't believe, with a few exceptions that this is the case with FNC. I think it's a political operation using the guise of "journalism" to advance a cause and a party; I think NPR is a news organization with a political bias.