Qaddafi Relents?


According to his son, Saif, plans to attack Benghazi have been shelved:

“He said that the army is not going to go into Benghazi. It’s going to take up positions around the stronghold,” said Nic Robertson, a CNN reporter who was telephoned by the son. “The reason is they expect a humanitarian exodus. They expect people will be afraid of what’s going to happen, and he said the army will be there to help them get out.”

Who knows the truth? His father's latest rant, threatening to go into every closet and murder the inhabitants may have tipped the balance at the UN, and Saif is trying to take that back - too late. Meanwhile, the beleaguered and brave residents of Benghazi are understandably euphoric and ecstatic, as you can see above. We owe them now.

(Photo: Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty.)