Qaddafi Presses On

The above footage shows the brutal bombardment of Misrata today. From the Guardian:

10.35am: Reuters has more on the "bombardment" of the rebel-held Misrata this morning. Anti-Gaddafi rebel Saadoun told the news agency tanks and heavy artillery had been used, reinforcing earlier reports from the Al Arabiya news channel.

"There have been heavy bombardments since 7 o'clock (0500 GMT) this morning. They are bombing everything, the houses, the centre of the city," Saadoun told Reuters from the city. "It's the heaviest bombardment I have seen so far."

The latest update:

7.23pm: Al-Jazeera is reporting that pro-Gaddafi forces are advancing at a rapid pace towards Benghazi on Friday evening, despite the ceasefire that the regime declared earlier today. According to its correspondents in Benghazi, the Gaddafi regime's forces are fighting with rebels in the towns of al-Magroun and Slouq, just 50km outside Benghazi.

Enduring America has more details from Libya today, as well as updates from Yemen and Bahrain.