That's the core message of the latest editorial in Human Events, the conservative movement's legacy publication:

The GOP is all for talking up (if not necessarily imposing) “draconian” budget cuts, going after entitlements, removing bargaining rights from public employee unions, etc.all of which we think are necessarybut, as Jack Kemp used to say, the GOP also needs to be viewed as the pro-jobs, pro-growth party.  Spending cuts fit into this strategy, but still smack somewhat of painful root canal surgery.
How about Republicans go after some low-hanging fruit?  You know, like the prices of gasoline at the pump.  It’s astounding that we even have to propose such a tactic, but the GOP’s silence on the spiking price of gas and its correlation with Obama’s anti-energy policies suggests that the Republicans are tone deaf on this one.  Americans feel the price at the pump.  And they feel it often.  They’re far less concerned with a "Continuing Resolution" and other such Washington techno-speak.  The national average for a gallon of gas is $3.43, and it’s only March.  In fact, gas prices have skyrocketed 21% since the protests in Libya began two weeks ago.  Again, it’s only March. What happens when Americans start taking their summer vacations en masse and it's $4 a gallon, $5 a gallon, or higher?

Hey, they're honest. Come 2012, the Human Events voter wants a Republican nominee who'll assure them that they can have their cake and eat it too. Among they're proposals is drilling in the National Petroleum Reserve – apparently if prices at the pump are too high it suddenly becomes prudent to squander our hedge against a real energy crisis.

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