Palin Shores Up The Base


She's in Jerusalem, having trashed her own president in India:

Palin, who was wearing a large Star of David, told [World Likud chairman Danny] Danon that she had flags of Israel "on my desk, in my home, all over the place" and that she would carry around a flag she bought in Israel.

"She didn't go into diplomatic issues, but I can clearly say from the questions she asked in relation to our conflict here with the Muslims in these holy sites that she knows that we are right and that the Muslims are just claiming things for provocation and they're not right," Danon said.

Bonus Hinderakerism:

Liberals love to insult Sarah Palin's intelligence. It's not a subject on which I have any particular opinion, except to note that, apparently by a remarkable coincidence, her judgment is correct on just about every subject.

Dumb, incurious - but always right! The neocon ideal of a president.

(Photo: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin departs the Western Wall tunnels on March 20, 2011 in Jerusalem, Israel. Palin began a private visit to Israel today, and is planning to meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and tour holy sites. By Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)