A reader writes:

I don't know if there rules about this, but as a Jew, I find it offensive that Sarah Palin is out wearing a Star of David.  I have given jewelry with the Star of David or a Chai to nieces and nephews and friends' kids who have become Bar or Bat Mitzvah to signify and celebrate their commitment to the Jewish people. Judaism is not an adjunct to Christianity, part of some nonsense category called Judeo-Christian. We have our own history and traditions, most of which are rooted in teachings and events which occurred after Jesus' life.

Moreover, I would never, ever wear a cross.

It means something important to Christians and denotes that faith and identity.  To me, a Christian wearing a Star of David reminds me of Jews for Jesus - people who somehow want to claim an affinity with Judaism while not being Jewish.  (Here's a well-known joke in the Jewish community: What is another name for a Jew for Jesus? Answer: A Christian.)

So, please, Sarah Palin, keep your hands off my religion.

Good luck with that.

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