Palin: "Cocked-Fist Self-Pity And Whining"

"She’s becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition," - Matt Labash, Weekly Standard. If you share Washington's conventional wisdom that Palin cannot be the GOP nominee, then these panicked Villagers might help you think again. This is their Dr Frankenstein moment. George Will:

“There’s no Reagan without Goldwater, no Goldwater without National Review and no National Review without Buckley and the contrast between he and Ms. Palin is obvious.”

Krauthammer is more cautious - presumably in case she becomes the nominee (or else he's frightened of being called "hoity-toity again, which I, er suspect). Wehner, Mac Donald, Labash do not, however, represent the GOP intellectual mainstream. I respect all three, along with Will, for their growing forthrightness and willingness to challenge their own side. But they hold little power. Those who do - Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck - are notably absent from this list. It's a start though, and Labash unleashes a corker:

“The downside is her gameness to do just about anything including co-starring with Kate Gosselin on a dopey reality show. And when she does such things, and is inevitably attacked for it, that’s when you see Palinism really fall down as a political approach, as the cocked-fist self-pity and whining set in.”

Pete Wehner gets it almost right:

"She strikes me as a lot more Agnew than Reagan.”

No, it's Nixon, with all the resentment and deception, and none of the intelligence. No wonder some are panicking. But they created and supported her when it counted.

(See update here.)