Despite the support of the governor, approval in the Senate, and a House stacked with 98 Democrats and just 43 Republicans, a marriage bill died in the legislature on Friday:

While clearly stunned, advocates struck an upbeat tone in their reaction to the move, which buys the measure more time and avoids an unequivocal failure with marriage legislation also pending in New York and Rhode Island this year. Having passed the senate last month, the bill encountered greater than expected hurdles in the house, where it remained one to two votes short of the 71 needed to pass as late as the morning of the anticipated final vote.

Metro Weekly has more on the vote. A showdown for next year is already shaping up:

The National Organization for Marriage has pledged to spend $1 million to defeat any Republican who dared to vote in favor. Catholic bishops in the state have also stepped up pressure on their flock to contact delegates in opposition to the measure.

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