Nearing The End Of DADT

Eve Conant updates us:

The military-wide training ([JD Smith, co-director of OutServe, an underground network of some 2,700 active-duty gay and lesbian service members] posted examples of his training on the OutServe site ) signals the final death throes of DADT, and has commenced in all branches.

On a less happy note:

For some, the training serves as both a morale boost and reminder of how far they have yet to go. Jennifer, who just returned home from a tour in Iraq and serves in the Air Force, completed her training last Saturday. “I’m glad to see they are talking about zero tolerance for discrimination. But they made it clear that because of the Defense of Marriage Act, we don’t have benefit rights and won’t be getting any.” A source at West Point, who also has not come out, says that, “When DADT is repealed it will be awesome, it will be life-changing. But the part of the training that’s so hard to swallow is how a same-sex partner of many years can be treated the same as a girlfriend or boyfriend of a few weeks. It just boils down to the fact that little will change until DOMA changes.”