Mr Spock Makes A Few Jokes

Jon Lovett, take a bow:

Come on, I love the press. I even sat for an interview with Bill O’Reilly right before the Super Bowl. That was a change of pace. I don't often get a chance to be in a room with an ego that's bigger than mine.

And while I know I have my share of critics out there, I don't focus on the negative stuff. I just don't pay much attention to it. Most days I barely skim through the comment section of Huffington Post -- Daily Kos -- Fire Dog Lake -- The Daily Dish --

All right, I hear the criticisms. I do. For example, I know that people think I'm not passionate enough. That I'm too cool. That I'm too detached. But as I was going through my daily routine -- sitting alone in my study  -- meditating, thinking about how to win the future -- I pondered this critique, and calmly rejected it -- as thoroughly illogical. And for all those who think I golf too much, let me be clear. I'm not spending time on the golf course -- I'm investing time on the golf course.