Media Churn Update

We'll know more about the looming NYT pay-wall "in a matter of weeks." I still read the NYT on dead tree every day, but that just reveals my age. And it's true that after the previous day's blogging, there is very little in it I didn't already know. But there's often something I come across I wouldn't have done otherwise. And I worry as a blogger how much the new paywall will restrict the chance of linking to the NYT, what "fair use" will become, whether the Dish's opinion-aggregation model can survive a barricaded NYT. I guess there's Reuters, AP, and the British papers. But the NYT website is, in my view, a marvel. Maybe it's time to pay for it. Meanwhile, we'll see the new Newsweek tomorrow.  Money quote:

"It's not your Grandpa Jon's magazine anymore," the staffer said. "It's slick, contemporary and feels like something out of the new millennium--sort of New York mag meets GQ, and pretty distinct from Time, with big photo spreads, graphics that pop and draw you into the page, lots of entry points into a story, infographics, sidebars, etc."

(Full disclosure: this blog will move to The Daily Beast/Newsweek April 4.)