Left, Right And Time, Ctd

A reader writes:

I think the rhetorical chutzpah that drives me the most crazy is when I hear right-wingers accuse people of class warfare when they dare point out something like the ever widening gap between the rich and everyone else. I mean, the stats are mind boggling and it's not like anyone's disputing them. How can they? And yet the cries of socialism and class warfare continue, and nobody but a blogger or two will call them on it. I've been pretty disappointed in Obama, and this is one area in particular that's just pathetic.

He could take Greenwald's column, or one of Krugman's, and just decimate these idiots who are calling him a socialist/Maoiest whatever. But he doesn't. No Democrat bothers. Of course they don't, because then they would just feed the claims of those crazy "progressives" that both Parties are owned by Wall Street. Seriously, if Obama's supposed to be the grown-up, isn't it his job to tell the whining children who have no reason to cry whatsoever to shut the hell up and be grateful for what they have? The only time he does this is when he comes down on the progressives for being too critical of him. What a country ...