Caitlin Truman endorses relationship euthanasia:

Every marriage, union, commitment ceremony, or whatever begins with some silent hope. To whisper “I love you”, is to make invisible wishes: please work, please survive, please don’t go away. If it doesn’t work anymore, it never will again. This is very sad, but failed attempts to resurrect the dead will result in deep and excruciating pain. Anything special that ever existed will be invisible beneath a stupid, shitty mess. I have learned the hard way that best course of action is to turn, walk away, and allow your relationship to die and rest in peace. I know that I struggle with this process. Nobody will respond: Where did you go? I can see you but I cannot feel you.

Ideally, the death of what you had together is understood and mourned for. It’s best to sit alone and remember the love that you had once shared, because it does deserve some final homage. Beware of denial, because it is not cute. Absolutely do not try and get back together. Post-death relationship will be forced to exist in zombie half-life until finally there is nothing left except sick bitterness and a worm-eaten corpse.