It's on now. What I find fascinating about Kristol's worldview is that it is unchanging. That's true of those who have doctrines, rather than judgments. Money quote:

Leave aside the facts that our soldiers and Marines are succeeding in Afghanistan, and that history will vindicate Gates’s involvement in the decision to surge. Does Gates really think it appropriatewhile he’s still secretary of defense, with troops fighting at his directionto be undercutting the troops’ mission as though he’s resigned to their failure?

As for the “realism” of his prescription: The United States has sent 100,000 or more troops to Asia and the Middle East five times in the last six decades. Does he really think we may never be called upon to do so again?

The combination of accusing Gates of disloyalty to the troops and a doctrinaire belief that nothing really has changed in the dynamics of global power since the 1950s is classic neoconservatism: cheap shots, faux moralizing and fathomless ignorance.

And, yes, those who learn nothing from history, who devised, egged on and refused to take responsibility for the most disastrous wars since Vietnam - they do indeed need their heads examined.

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