Jonathan L. Fischer goes sailing on DC's punk-inspired Bruise Cruise. The group had "about six inches less meat on their waists and many liters more ink on their skin" than the average cruise ship crowd: 

Back on the first night, the mostly Indonesian wait staff provided between-course entertainment by dancing to Flo Rida’s “Low,” singing along in chopped English while the largely white Bruisers cheered. It felt like a minstrel show. There’s also a strange class dynamic on board. The vibe on the Carnival Imagination is lower-middle-class to middle-class. A lot of Cruisers have tattoos, the un-hip kind, and many of them paid far less than us to be here. So much for fucking up the mainstream: The Bruisers are the ship’s privileged crowd. 

(Photo by Flickr user the future of petes)

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