How To Break News After You've Lost Your Credibility

On Hugh Hewitt's show, Andrew Breitbart explains that if a story matters, he'd rather not break it on one of his sites due to his dicey reputation:

I told James, you put this on YouTube, not on proprietary Breitbart software, because you have to become legitimized as an independent reporter in order for this, your project, and your desires to change the media, and to report stories that the mainstream media won’t report. And so I stepped back, and I watched him break the story, and I come in so I don’t become the story, because this story’s too important to allow for it to be diverted into selectively edited video. And all the other propaganda points that you hear, or you know, or the attacks on me, why are you working with Breitbart, why is O’Keefe working with Breitbart, why is Breitbart working with O’Keefe? We needed this story to stand on its own.

O'Keefe went on the show too. Note this exchange especially:

HH: Okay, now did any of this additional material implicate Vivian Schiller, the CEO of NPR?

JO’K: That’s something that you’re just going to have to wait and see.

HH: Is it possible?

JO’K: It’s possible.

That's going to be important to remember if it turns out that Schiller isn't implicated, insofar as it would show that O'Keefe is willing to go on a national radio program to make dark insinuations about the character of a woman whose behavior is actually beyond reproach.