After an effort to explain the misrepresentations in the NPR video, James Poniewozick gets exhausted:

I mean, Jesus, look how long this post is already--and I've only covered a few minutes of a two-hour tape of four people eating lunch. It took me a few hours to watch--transcribing, finding sections, re-watching scenes--analyze and write up. As of this paragraph, I'm at about 1650 wordsthank you if you've stuck it out this far!and I've left plenty out, partly because, frankly, I have other stuff to do. I'm thinking about writing my TIME column about this subject this week. I get about 700 words for that, I can't embed explanatory video, and I'll need to include much more background about NPR, O'Keefe and the week's controversy than I did here. Good luck!

The column is here.

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