From Misurata

A heartening dispatch:

Misurata was in a desperate state yesterday, we almost lost all hope, but the strikes came at a good time with good intensity and frequency. They even managed to take out some convoys inside the city which was very impressive. Qaddafi's forces have been hiding in a hospital.... I can tell you that there've been zero casualties from international strikes....

There are snipers on top of buildings. Qaddafi's forces are still stationed on the main street, Tripoli street, but there's no random shelling anymore.... I've been able to go out, I've seen bakeries and groceries open for the first time in many days. The strikes made such a difference; Qaddafi's forces are scared of them. I want to express our gratitude and appreciation for these actions, we will never ever forget!

And a new unconfirmed tweet:

#Gaddafi tanks are now bombing the #Misrata hospital!!!!!! #Libya #feb17