Daniel Treisman ponders the connections:

[I]t seems nonsensical that in countries where more people believe in hell, more would also admit to worrying about the safety of genetically modified food. What connection could there be between these two things? It is certainly possible that the association I found occurs purely by chance.

But it is part of a more general pattern. It turns out that in countries where more people worry about genetically modified foods, more also worry about contracting mad cow disease and avian flu and about being injured by a serious medical error. In these countriesĀ­such as Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Lithuaniapeople appear to have a predisposition to fearfulness that manifests itself with regard to a variety of perceived dangers. In othersĀ­such as Sweden and the NetherlandsĀ­respondents express relatively low levels of fear, whatever the danger in question.

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