Paul Constant conveys Gingrich's latest gesture toward the White House:

No Republicans actually want to announce that they're running for president, apparently. Everyone thought maybe Newt Gingrich would be the first to take a stand and officially announce his intentions, but no: Today, he announced a website: newtexplore2012. And that's it. Not even an exploratory committee. A website.

Bernstein isn't taking his candidacy seriously:

GOP elites, especially the ones [Gingrich] worked with when he was Speaker, probably neither like nor trust him very much. Yes, Iowa social conservatives are willing to vote for people who are disdained by other conservative leaders. But is Newt really going to get the kind of support from Christian conservative leaders, especially national leaders, that Mike Huckabee had in 2008? I find that very, very difficult to believe, no matter how much he's been tailoring his rhetoric to appeal to them.

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