Embracing The Bias

A reader writes:

The Dish and NPR are my two main rivers of relevant and interesting news during the day. But while you are self-aware, with your own quirks and campaigns, NPR seems blissfully dumb about its image and how that plays around the country. That's what made me so pissed yesterday. NPR stumbled all over itself with this story, looked reactionary in its firing of its CEO, and hit sour note after sour note during the self-reporting on air.

If NPR can't manage their message, I'm afraid to say they deserve to get their funding cut.

I'm a progressive and a Christian who lives in a red state and loves NPR dearly. But when they say they aren't biased or elitest, I can't help but snicker. If they would just say, "Yes, our story selection is directed at mostly rich, mostly white, mostly liberals." OK, now we can all move on.

Another thing that struck me. As "Talk of the Nation" defended the network against being liberal elitism, they explained that Ron Schiller had been commuting to NPR headquarters on his own dime - from Aspen, where he lives with his domestic partner.