Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

Not that you'll notice, but I thought I'd inform you and your wonderful crew that I'm giving up your blog for Lent.

I tried it last year, and it was actually a wonderful break. I was more productive at work, I was less pensive about the current state of the world and less outraged at the current shamefulness that is today's GOP. But I was also less informed about all sorts of interesting issues, from illuminating insights on faith (who knew that a gay Catholic could provide so many challenging, thought-provoking and ultimately growth-inducing writings and links to writings for my semi-Evangelical self?), to pop culture and bear(d)s. It was a fun return that day after Easter, as I ate my lunch hunched over in my cubicle, catching up on all that I missed.

Looks like I'll have to find your blog on a new site when I return. I'll miss reading your work next to your wonderful blog colleagues at the Atlantic, especially Fallows, Coates, Goldberg and McArdle. Have a thoughtful Lent and a wonderful Easter! I'll see you guys the Monday after.