Rob Long stands up for the creative people who work behind the scenes in television:

In a rambling and profane radio interview,  [Charlie Sheen] went on a long diatribe against the network and the studio – all of which can be forgiven – but then he did something unforgivable, which is hard to do in Hollywood.

He insulted the show-runner.  He attacked the executive producer of his show, Chuck Lorre, in a barrage of crazy-talk from which there was no going back. He said, essentially, that the executive producer and creator of his hit series owed it all to him.  He claimed credit for the success of the show, its humor and popularity, and described Lorre’s work as so many “tin cans” that he, Sheen, had spun into “pure gold.” That, at long last, was it.  Sheen insulted the writer, executive producer, and the man responsible for his massive paychecks.  And at that exact moment, whatever small sympathy or amusement I still had for him drained away.

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