DOMA And Bi-National Couples, Ctd

A reader writes:

Hang in there.  I - a mere academic weasel in the field of physics - got my EB1A green card a year ago. Clearly, you qualify. You've published, you've been cited, you're a leader in your field, and I'm sure you have a few awards. I guess your I-693 may freak them out a bit, but they can't refuse you for that anymore.

I know the anxieties that come with the green card.

They sent me an RFE, clearly mixing up my case with someone else's, even with their name on the forms. And they thought that I was an economist instead of a physicist. Idiots. Made me bounce around for a week or two. But, after that, I got the card, and last November I got married on Aruba to my American wife - without the USCIS knowing about it. I like it better that way. My personal life is none of their business. This is America. Land of the free.

Again: hang in there. And thanks for posting the view from my window captured an hour before my wedding.